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All  Diamond Windows doors are constructed using the Mortise & Tenon Technique. This produces a stronger join, where timber tongues slide into a corresponding slot of the timber to be joined. 

The glass in all doors made by Diamond Windows conforms to Australian Glazing Standards. It is secured into the door  with mastic (a non-setting compound used to seal joints) and a timber trim (known as bead) nailed on.  The nails are stainless steel to prevent rusting and deterioration, which will ultimately weaken the door strength. 

4mm toughened glass is used in all of diamond windows doors, unless the area to be glazed is under 5m. Almost any type of glass is available through our suppliers.

The doorsill, which is prone to the most traffic, (including kids roller blades) is made from a hardwood called Merbau due to its robust strength and resilience to knocks. Depending on the style of the house, these can be Bull Nosed or Square.

Diamond Windows recommend that 3 hinges be used to fix a door to its frame. This distributes the weight evenly and prevents any sagging or sticking. 

With the endless range of hinges, door handles and door locks available on the market, these are not supplied. Your builder can assist you in this area.

Insertion Moulding is used on the inside of a door generally. This allows the moulding to sit flush with the door and prevents plasterwork being damaged by the door opening onto it.  Bolection Moulding is used to give the door a decorative appearance and greater definition.

The mechanism used in any Sliding Door manufactured by Diamond Windows has a brass wheel instead of the usual nylon wheel. Also, the aluminium track is specifically anodised for Diamond Windows to prevent deterioration, especially around coastal areas. All Sliding Doors are fitted with deadlocks that are made by Lockwood.

All bi fold doors manufactured by Diamond Windows are fitted with Henderson's weathershield coastal Exterior folding door hardware systems.  For more information regarding Henderson's  folding door hardware system, download the brochure located to the left of this page.

Fly screen doors are manufactured by the same sturdy construction method  used in Diamond Windows doors.