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The Sash pivots on a hinge, which can be mounted at the top or in the middle of the window.  A single glass sheet is enclosed in a timber frame and can be varied with colonial bars, a transom or even made to appear like a double hung window.  Winders are available with or without a key lock


Casement windows are side opening. A choice of friction stays or truth winder mechanism for hinging is available.  If butt hinging is desired, see your installer to arrange this method.

Double Hung

Double Hung - when both the top and the bottom sash can be opened.  They slide vertically (up & down) to create an opening.  Each sash is counterbalanced by weights to assist opening and closing.  Spiral Balances are used.  Locks and Lifts are supplied and are available in gold, silver, white or brown.


Louvre Blades are arranged in a timber framed gallery that opens and closes to enable effective airflow throughout a room.  Their edges are ground and polished and provide an alternative to other forms of windows. 


Plain windows are a pane of glass fixed to a timber frame, plain windows are otherwise known as picture windows and vary in size, picture windows can be as small as 300mm by 300mm up to 2400mm by 4000mm.